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A private Cooking Lesson is so much fun!

What a delightful morning it was to welcome my VIP student into my kitchen today. Since 2018, she has been exploring my recipes, and I feel truly blessed by her appreciation for my culinary creations. She often shares how her daughters relish the dishes she's learned from me, which warms my heart.

Today's lesson was particularly enjoyable as we delved into the intricacies of crafting Kimchi Sukiyaki as the main course and whipping up a delightful macaroni salad as a side dish. I've always preferred in-person lessons; there's a certain magic in being able to demonstrate each step while students savour the flavours firsthand. Compared to online sessions, the in-person experience is undoubtedly more engaging and provides clarity that truly enhances the learning process.

If you're interested in mastering my dishes, feel free to reach out to me. Private Cooking lessons must be scheduled in advance, and my kitchen is available during daytime hours on weekdays.

Kamsahamnida! (Thank you in Korean)

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