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At KoreanCooking.SG, we're all about sharing the love for Korean cuisine and culture in a fun and relaxed way. Led by our founder and culinary guru, Heryong Kwon, who comes from a family with deep culinary roots, we're here to take you on a tasty adventure through Korean cooking.

Whether you prefer to join us online or in person, our classes are designed to be laid-back yet informative, ensuring everyone can enjoy learning at their own pace. Plus, we speak your language - literally! From English to Japanese and Korean, and even a bit of Mandarin for our Chinese-speaking friends, we've got you covered. So, come hungry for knowledge and leave with a newfound appreciation for Korean flavors and techniques.

KoreanCooking.SGでは、楽しくリラックスした雰囲気で、韓国料理と文化の素晴らしさを共有することを大切にしています。創設者Heryong Kwonの指導のもと、あなたを韓国料理の美味しい冒険を楽しみましょう。



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About our Founder

Training in Korea

Heryong loves food and cooking. She grew up in a family that really knows their way around the kitchen. Her mom, Kyeong-hwa Jeong, has been a famous Korean cuisine expert for 40 years. She even has her own cooking studio in Japan and often shows off her skills on national TV.

Heryong didn't just learn from her mom, though. She also went to a traditional cooking academy in Seoul to sharpen her skills. Plus, she studied under a really important chef named Bok-Chae Han, who's like a big deal in Korean cooking.

Born in Japan, Heryong later moved to Sydney, Australia, and then to Singapore with her husband and daughter. She's been all around the world, picking up new cooking tricks and learning about different cultures along the way.

In Singapore, she's been teaching Korean cooking for a while now, getting to know the local customs and tastes. And guess what? She speaks English, Japanese, Korean, and even a bit of Chinese! So, no matter where you're from, you can bet she'll make you feel right at home in her cooking classes.






The Institute of Royal Korean Cuisine 2016.jpg

The Institute of Royal Korean Cuisine 2016

The Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine is an educational culinary academy located next to the old Korean palace from the Joseon dynasty. Royal cuisine holds the designation of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No 38.

Nutrition Certificate11092019.jpg

Nutrition for Optimum Health 2019

Temasek Polytechnic organized a course that educate participants with theoretical and practical knowledge in nutrition and evidence-based strategies in areas of weight management, functional foods and menu planning.

The Institute of Royal Korean Dessert 20

The Institute of Royal Korean Dessert 2016

The Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine is an educational culinary academy located next to the old Korean palace from the Joseon dynasty. Royal cuisine holds the designation of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No 38

PN Certificate_edited_edited.jpg

Precision Nutrition Level 1 2024 The third Renewal 

The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is the world's most respected nutrition education program. It gives you the knowledge, systems, and tools you need to really understand how nutrition influences a person's health and fitness

Le Cordon Bleu 2018.jpg

Le Cordon Bleu 2018

World renounced French cuisine school, founded in 1895 in Paris. In 2018, Heryong registered and did a short course at their newly renovated professional kitchen by the 15th arrondissement along banks of the Seine.


Yoga Instractor Ccertificate Course(YICC)

Embark on a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery with my Yoga Instructor Certificate (YICC), where ancient wisdom meets modern practice to nurture body, mind, and soul.

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Popular Dishes


Here are some popular dishes you should try

Daphne Tay
Since my first class with Chef Heryong in October 2018, where I learned to make Bibimbap, I've been hooked. Her recipes are easy to follow, and the dishes always taste amazing. I've attended many of her classes since then, and she never fails to make learning fun and relaxing while generously sharing her skills and tips.

Daphne Tay

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