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Watch the Drama 嫁给不同世界的你(I Do, Do I?)Watch the Drama from 21DEC on mewatch channel 8!

Exciting news alert! Set your reminders for the debut of the drama “I Do, Do I?” on mewatch Channel 8 this Thursday, December 21. Starting December 18, you can catch it on mewatch, and keep an eye out for us in Episode 2! Please be on the lookout for us at the beginning of episode 2 at 9 pm on 22nd December, where we briefly appear as a genuine international couple.

This compelling drama explores the intricacies of love and the challenges faced by international couples with diverse backgrounds. Adding an authentic touch, my husband and I bring our real-life couple dynamics to the storyline.

Not only did we contribute as actors, but I also played a role behind the scenes as the food advisor, assisting in the portrayal of a Korean Gimbap-making scene. If you have some free time, join us on this exciting journey—we can’t wait for you to experience the drama!

Feel free to check out the drama trailer by following this link:

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