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Exploring the Culinary Delights of Savory Stir-Fried Baby Octopus with Korean Spicy Sauce

Have you ever tried stir-fried baby octopus in Korean spicy sauce? There are several pre-marinated products available nowadays, and we've tried a few of them. However, they tend to be overly spicy for my husband and daughter's taste.

Stir-fried baby octopus in Korean spicy sauce
Stir-fried baby octopus in Korean spicy sauce

Cooking this dish isn't difficult at all. I usually purchase frozen baby octopus from Redmart, and they come already cleaned and prepared for cooking. All I need to do is whip up a delicious Korean spicy sauce and then quickly stir-fry the octopus. Our favourite way to enjoy it is paired with warm tofu – absolutely scrumptious! We can't resist it!

When we cook from scratch at home, we have the flexibility to adjust the taste to suit our preferences.

Would you be interested in learning how to make this dish?

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