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Exploring Culinary Fusion: Adventures with Pork Ribs, Barramundi, and Korean Flavors

I usually purchase pork spare ribs from Medi-ya, which offers delicious and incredibly meaty Canadian pork. However, I haven't had the chance to visit Medi-ya due to recent busyness.

Instead, I decided to try pork ribs from Redmart. Surprisingly, they weren't bad at all! While the ribs were smaller and had less meat, they were much easier to eat and provided a good portion of meat without feeling heavy or overwhelming.

Another dish I prepared was grilled Barramundi fish with leeks, cooked in the oven and topped with Korean sauce. I used extra virgin olive oil to cook the Barramundi, and I found that Korean sauces complemented Western ingredients quite well.

I firmly believe that there are no strict rules or right and wrong ways when it comes to cooking. While there are principles to follow, anyone can become a chef and enjoy the art of cooking, wouldn't you agree?

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